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Instagram #yourbonjusmile Competition, Summer 2015.

How to own the summer

Bonjus and Nemr the BonjuSmile master come together to show you exactly what it is that makes summer in Lebanon so special.

Bonjusmile with Nemr

We've taken a look at some of the greatest heroes of the Lebanese summer days. We're looking at the unsung heroes of the Lebanese summer days. In the episode we view the lifestyle and tedious job of what we Lebanese people call "... Read More

Smile Dive

Bonjus lovers show off their smile with the Smile Dive competition. Summer days are great for tanning and swimming often become routine like and boring. Bonjus decides to spruce up those days with a friendly diving competition... Read More

Its a Woman's World

Check out how Bonjus puts a smile on every woman's face.

Stand still Comedy

Results Everyday, thousands of Lebanese spend hours stuck in endless traffic jams and chaotic driving conditions. To put a smile on their day, Bonjus, an iconic Lebanese ice-cream brand, brought laughter to the street with the... Read More

Facebook Promotion

In the summer of 2013, Bonjus decided to create a series of visuals to be posted on Facebook. The idea was to make every social network user smile with every new Bonjus message.