Horeca 2015

Bonjus Ice Cream at the Horeca 2015 fair with the YOURBONJUSMILE concept : a photo booth that literally put big smiles on the visitors' faces :). The scrumptious Ice cream brands were distributed to all passersby to their... Read More

Horeca 2014

Bonjus continues to spread this smile. This time at Horeca, Bonjus decided to make a photo booth with the sole aim of literally putting smiles on people's faces. In addition to handing out ice cream to the visitors, Bonjus also... Read More

Bonjus at slash concert

We at Bonjus feel the same way about ice cream and make it available to you in the most memorable moments. Here are some photos of Bonjus team spreading the smile at the concert of the great Slash.

Bonjus at the Beach

Bonjus lovers spending their beach days in the Summer Heat with Bonjus refreshing Ice Cream treats !

"Chance" event

Bonjus ice cream celebrating Father's Day with the "Chance team" at Massabki hotel-Chtaura.

Smile Dive

Bonjus lovers show off their smile with the Smile Dive competition. Summer days are great for tanning and swimming often become routine like and boring. Bonjus decides to spruce up those days with a friendly diving competition... Read More

Stand still Comedy

Results Everyday, thousands of Lebanese spend hours stuck in endless traffic jams and chaotic driving conditions. To put a smile on their day, Bonjus, an iconic Lebanese ice-cream brand, brought laughter to the street with the... Read More