Khallik Safi

About Us

BONJUS - Lebanese Fruit Juice Company - is one of the leading producer and distributor of premium products within the FMCG sector and one of the most recognized brands in Lebanon.

Founded in the 1960's with the production of an extensive juice line, ice cream was introduced in the late 60's and a dairy line in the 70's.

In 2016, Bonjus Dairy has been given a new identity, ranging from product taste to packaging and branding.

Bonjus is a brand that stirs up emotional and nostalgic sentiments and is particularly recognized for its delicious variety of ice cream; sticks, cones, tubs, sandwiches and family packs … including a wide range of sorbets & diet selections render the Bonjus ice cream portfolio versatile and fun.

The dairy line is made from 100% fresh pure milk. No additives and no preservatives are added to the products.

With customer satisfaction being our priority; innovation & quality have been main factors in our development. Our company is committed to strict quality standards in all its operations from the collection of milk to the provision of hygienically processed nutritious products to its customers.

Bonjus products are not only distributed all throughout Lebanon with an in-house sales fleet but the ice cream line is present in the African markets as well as in the Gulf region.
With this extensive portfolio, we always make sure we have you all smiling!

Give in to the temptation of Bonjus’ scrumptious products!