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This initiative is definitely considered the very first stand-up comedy in the middle of a highway in Lebanon. Such a stunt could also be a global premiere.

Everyday, thousands of Lebanese spend hours stuck in endless traffic jams and chaotic driving conditions. To put a smile on their day, Bonjus, brought laughter to the street with the help of a well-known comedian, in the first ever comedy act performed in the middle of a 5-lane highway.

We literally reached 50,000 spectators by the mere fact that they were stuck in traffic on a 5 lane-highway on both directions. Our bus circled the 17km allocated 6 times. Nemr Abou Nassar, the renowned stand-up comedian performed, for 4 hours non-stop Add to that the earned exposure in social media and hits on YouTube and Facebook.

400% increase in the number of views of the Bonjus page. 100,000 views of the campaign on social media. 50,000 drivers who laughed all the way to work.