Ice cream home delivery

In the comfort of your home you can now order your favorite Bonjus ice cream with a click. This service is being provided since Summer 2019.

The Choice is yours

Bonjus Ice cream Campaign, Spring/Summer 2018; TV commercial as well as an outdoor campaign.

Product of the Year 2014

Bonjus Ice cream Campaign, Summer 2014. Outdoor communication, billboards. Bonjus ice cream "Les Saveurs" Product of the Year 2014 Award

Bonjus Dairy Campaign 2016

Bonjus Dairy Campaign, January 2016. TV commercial "Khallik Safi" - Bonjus Dairy, the brutally honest brand.

Khallik Safi

Bonjus Dairy Campaign, January 2016. Outdoor communication, billboards and LED screens. Bonjus Dairy is made from 100% Fresh Natural Milk, no additives and no preservatives. We pride ourselves in offering only the best... Read More

Pleasure Inside

Bonjus Ice Cream Campaign, Summer 2012. Outdoor communication, billboards. Freshness and pure pleasure comes with every Bonjus ice cream.